DriversKart Basics

Is there a fee to join Driverskart ?
No, there is no fee. DriversKart is a free app. Payment needs to be made only once you’ve booked our service and that service has been rendered.
Is there a number to which I can text or call for reservation ?
Yes, you can book a driver with us by calling on 7811979797, or logging onto www.driverskart.com or even send SMS with all information to 8144722722. But the best way to book with us will be using our Driverskart mobile application.
How exactly does Driverskart work ?
You need to download the DriversKart app from Android Play Store to access our services. In the app, the procedure is as follows:
1. Create a Driverskart account using a current email ID to sign in.

2. Once you sign in, to book a Driver, enter fields - Pick-up Location, Drop Location, Time of Pick-up – to get an estimate of the fare

3. Confirm the booking

4. You get an SMS message from DriversKart giving you your Driver’s details – phone number, ID number and his estimated time of arrival to your place

5. You may call up the Driver to confirm the booking if needed

6. Our Driver arrives to the pre-determined location and takes you and your car to the destination

7. Make payment once the service has been rendered
What are the timings at which Drivers are available ?
Drivers are available 24x7. At all times, on all days of the week.
Can I book for someone else using my account ?
Yes, you can enter someone else’s name and location while booking for someone else.
Can I book a Driver to take my car somewhere without me in it ?
Yes. You can have our Driver take your car to a location for car service, to pick up an item for you or for any other use without you having to be in the car.

Booking Hassles

What is the average waiting time once a Driver has been booked?
It depends on the availability of Drivers and the rush of orders at that time. However, we are always trying to optimize our network so our Drivers reach you as soon as possible.
What if the Driver does not show up ?
If the Driver does not show up at the designated time, we offer a full refund immediately.
Is there a penalty for cancelling a booking ?
No, there is no penalty for cancellation.

Your safety – Our priority

Are the Drivers verified ?
Yes. We conduct background checks, drug tests, license checks, and criminal records to ensure our Drivers are reliable and safe.
How are the Drivers monitored ?
All our Drivers are monitored by us via GPS so we know their location at any point of time. We also take regular feedback from our customers to ensure that our Drivers meet the high standards that we have set for our service.

DriversKart Reach

What all cities does Driverskart operate in?
As of now, we operate in Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune and Delhi.
Can Driverskart be used for long distances/inter-city travel ?
Yes, you can use Driverskart for road trips to places and cities near Chennai.


What are the different modes of payment you support ?
While you can simply pay cash at the end of the transaction, we also accept all major Debit and Credit cards if you’re paying through the app itself.
Is it safe to use Credit/Debit cards on your App? Do you store payment details ?
It is completely safe to use your Credit/Debit cards with us. We have partnered with payment gateway which uses a state-of-the-art encryption technology to ensure that your payment details are completely secure. We handle all transactions through this payment gateway and do not store any details with us.

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